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About Four And A Half Giraffes Ltd.

Four And A Half Giraffes Ltd. specializes in crafting enterprise-class software and hardware solutions tailored toward the small business, and our clients include those in the Restaurant, Real Estate, Medical Clinic, Not-For-Profit, and eCommerce industries.

Four And A Half Giraffes Ltd. was founded by James Robert Perih. James has been in the I.T., Networking, and Software Development industry for 20 years. James has made a positive impact in the industry, helping bootstrap companies such as SkipTheDishes,, BrewNinja, Chekkit, Hoolima, and GasBuddy, to name just a few.

Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, James now resides in the capital of Saskatchewan, Regina, with his wife and furr-babies. He is a part-time triathlete and loves to tinker with vintage technology.

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It's been known for a while that computers and the Internet can help businesses grow through lead generation, customer education, and process management. And, most businesses are already reaping these benefits. However, there is always a wrong way, a right way, and the best way to utilize these tools. No one way is the right way, and it could take a lot of trial and error to find the best way.

Four And A Half Giraffes Ltd. is here to bring years of small business experience, a.k.a. years of trial and error, to help craft your BEST way to integrate technology into your business to increase revenue while driving down costs and eliminating unnecessary risks. We accomplish this through the right combination of hardware, software, infrastructure, and custom solutions that make the most sense for your business goals.

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"If only I could run my entire business with a spreadsheet."

The reality is, there are so many facets of doing business, that this spreadsheet would become quite large and complicated.

Four And A Half Giraffes Ltd. can help analyze your business processes, and isolate the parts that are good candidates to becoming automated, or be made more consistent, which frees you from having to spend so much time on non-billable work that software can do, so that you can focus on relationship-building and customer-service. You know, the things that, in our opinion, software can never execute as impactful as your personal touch can.

Or, maybe a system of mobile apps is just what you need to facilitate communication with your staff outside the office, for you to get a glimpse of the day-to-day while you're outside the office, or for your customers to get in touch with your business in new and creative ways that are convenient and delightful for everyone.

Keep the "U" in "Business", and let us take care of the rest!

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Websites are the worst, right? "You need a Website!" "You gotta have a website!" "Where is your website?" So goes the business success mantra for well over a decade.

So, do you really need a website? The answer is, unsurprisingly, very much a YES. But, not just any website is the right website for you.

Four And A Half Giraffes Ltd. specializes in websites of all kinds, from simple one-pagers to complicated eCommerce suites, and everything else in between.

Yes, we have experience with SquareSpace, WordPress, and Wix, but those options aren't always the right option for the way you do business.

Let's sit and chat. We can help determine the right kind of site for you, discuss in detail how the site will benefit your sales and communication, and let us prove to you that we're NOT in the business of overcharging for an in-demand, but unproven-to-you product.

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Everybody is good at something. Chances are, an autobody shop is run by a car fanatic. A veterinary clinic is run by an animal person. A tattoo parlour is run by someone who has at least one tattoo (but, probably has dozens!). It's rare that these people are also considered computer nerds.

Four And A Half Giraffes Ltd. are the computer nerds for a handful of clients, including the ones listed above. We can help selct the right gear and the right software, from the right vendors, and even fill in the gaps with custom solutions, all working together to help your business do the thing it's best at.

Startups are no exception. Your passion lies within your area of expertise; we can help you with software development and technology research to take you from idea phase, to your Series A funding round, with extremely flexible pricing options (for, you know, when the money isn't quite there yet).

Our team of Certified Scrum Master professionals are here to help introduce project management methodoligies to your team, so that even the smallest cog in the system is empowered to influence the final results. With entire team buy-in, the team becomes responsible for the reesults. We have experience crafting team buy-in.

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